5 Excellent reasons why should you enter these awards

Just a short time to go before your entries have to be in for the Taunton Deane Business Awards!

Organisers, White Knight Marketing, share 5 Excellent reasons why should you enter this award…

  1.  It seems that Awards have never been so popular and gaining peer accolade can really help raise the profile of your organisation.  You have so many opportunities to demonstrate the confidence you have in your company when you apply for an award, just sharing it on social media with your followers gives them an opportunity to reinforce their support for you and a chance to reconnect.
  2. When you fill out an application form it makes you face the ‘warts and all’! You are forced to answer questions that you probably know you will fall short on – so what do you do? You find a solution to that problem you have been prevaricating about for much too long!
  3. In applying, you join a group of businesses that share your optimism for the future. You meet other companies that are on the ‘up’ and very often find mutual support across a diversity of business disciplines that you may not have had access to before.
  4. If you are lucky enough to be shortlisted, your company is showcased in front of a whole room of thriving businesses, demonstrating that you are one of the three most successful businesses in Taunton in that category – a big achievement! AND, you get to put that ‘Finalist’ logo on all your literature and signatures!
  5. If you win? Well you probably don’t need us to spell out the benefits of having been through the process, the application, shortlisting and presentation. You will know what they are by then and your company will come out all the stronger for it!

Entries must be in by close of play on the 29th March. You can find out more about the categories and apply online at tdba.co.uk